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The 4th ESCies Workshop @ SOAS: Getting bold about the productive ambiguities that innovation hubs create

By Vera Petersson and Dr. Tuukka Toivonen. The main aspiration of our fourth ESCies workshop, held on the 21st of November at SOAS, was to get closer to the field and rethink key ‘entrepreneurial spaces and collectivities’ concepts in light of presented evidence. We enjoyed short presentations from members on a range of topics, from … Continue reading

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Incubators vs. Hubs at the Example of Accra

Use of the term “hub” has certainly been inflationary in discussions about innovation and entrepreneurship support. I believe that innovation hubs are a genuinely new (and exciting!) organizational form, but at the same time, “hub” has become a misnomer for many organizations where the label doesn’t quite fit, especially across Africa. This wouldn’t be such … Continue reading

What Is the Social Innovation Community? A serendipitous account

What Is the Social Innovation Community? A serendipitous account

Something curious yet strangely familiar took place in Osaka, Japan, towards the early spring of 2012: A small group of like-minded university students, post-docs, architects, designers, film-makers and social entrepreneurs decided to launch a community for young people interested in social innovation. Surprised by the popularity of their first two free-form meetings, the founders followed … Continue reading