Entrepreneurial Spaces and Collectivities (ESCies) is a group of junior social scientists from a number of universities in the UK, continental Europe, North America and beyond, with strong roots in the London-Oxford-Cambridge triangle. ESCies members share an interest in exploring and developing cutting-edge publications on new organizational forms and practices that highlight the collective, spatial and transnational of entrepreneurship and innovation.

As is now rather widely known, new ways of ‘making’ and ‘innovating’ are being tested at innovation hubs and labs such as Fablabs, Hackerspaces, Makerspaces, Living Labs, UrbanLabs and the Impact Hubs. Collaborative events such as Barcamps, Hackmeetings, Open Knowledge Festivals and Makers Fairs are very much part of this same interconnected ‘hubscape’.

Because the underlying organizational forms and creative practices are in many respects new, high-quality research on these phenomena is still scarce. ESCies therefore seeks to identify key characteristics and challenges in order to contribute to the field from academic research and as well as to the work of practitioners and policy-makers. 
ESCies members draw productively on their position as fieldwork-oriented “insider-outsiders” in developing new research, publications (including blog entries as well as traditional papers) and events. In the coming weeks and months, ESCies members plan to submit several articles to appropriate journals, publish new online articles and organise immersive workshops every 2-3 months.

Keep up to date with ESCies by following our blog and by following members on Twitter. If you would like to become a contributor or for any further information, please contact Tuukka Toivonen (tuukka.t at gmail.com) or Vera Petersson (597117 at soas.ac.uk).


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