Time to Define What a “Hub” Really Is (SSIR)

Please find below a snippet of an article written by Tuukka Toivonen and Nicolas Friederici for the Stanford Social Innovation Review. For the full article, click the link below.

Time to Define What a “Hub” Really Is (SSIR).

“Clarifying four core features that hub organizations are widely assumed to share can help us grasp their limits and possibilities as innovation intermediaries.

Innovation hubs have been widely celebrated by practitioners and policymakers for their ability to boost creativity and collaboration. But the precise features that define hub organizations have proven hard to pin down. This presents a problem: If we can’t concisely define what a hub is—and thereby easily grasp its primary functions—then we can’t gauge performance. Without clarity, proponents can’t defend hubs that (they feel) are adding real value within an entrepreneurial scene, while funders might inadvertently focus investment on hubs that do not live up to their potential. It is difficult to say, for certain, whether an entrepreneurship intermediary “actually works.””


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