Why collaboration cannot be pinned down in space

Please find below a very interesting piece written by Kerstin Sailer on “Why collaboration cannot be pinned down in space”.


Collaboration is one of the most ubiquitous buzzwords in the modern business world. Collaboration is everywhere. Companies want their staff to collaborate more. Workspaces are designed to support collaboration. You’re frowned upon if you publish an academic paper on your own. Why didn’t you collaborate? Does no one like working with you? While co-authoring is more endemic in some  scholarly communities than others (what with the recent CERN paper with almost 3000 co-authors…), collaborating is clearly becoming increasingly important in a lot of different domains and industries.

Collaboration is a word that is easily said. And it is rather fuzzy – at least people use it in all sorts of different contexts, with different things in mind and in different guises. The frustration around the fuzziness is shared by many colleagues, both in academic contexts (for example in the blog by PhD candidate Andrea Jimenez for the ‘Entrepreneurial…

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