Oxford Internet Institute sessions on hubs & labs at AAG

aag-logoOver on our Connectivity, Inclusion, and Inequality group website, we summarized the sessions that Oxford Internet Institute researchers will run at the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, April 21-25 in Chicago. Two of them are directly hubs-related; I’m pasting them here.

Session: From Online Sweat Shops to Silicon Savannahs: Geographies of Production in Digital Economies of Low-Income Countries (cfp)

Date: Thursday, 23/4/2015,

Location: Stetson BC, Hyatt, West Tower, Purple Level

(chairs Mark Graham, Nicolas Friederici and Isis Hjorth)

Session 2 – 5:20 PM – 7:00 PM – Abstracts

  • Discourses of Creativity and the Global Division of Digital Labour – Andi Burris
  • Knowledge creation processes and local communities: Living Labs as a tool for socio-economic resilience in Tanzania – Lauri Hooli
  • Digital entrepreneurship in emerging digital economies: a synthesis across 5 case studies – Bryan Pon. Marissa Drouillard, Jonathan Donner, Chris Locke, Emrys Shoemaker
  • From Hub to Hubris – the Liquid Demograpies of the Silicon Savannah – Marton Kocsev
  • Engines of Local Digital Production? Narratives of Technology Innovation Hubs in Sub-Saharan Africa -Nicolas Friederici, Tuukka Toivonen

Panel session: Institutionalizing local buzz and global pipelines? The Potential of Innovation Hubs and Labs to Stimulate Creativity and Entrepreneurship (Full details)

Date: Tuesday, 4/21/2015, 4:40 PM – 6:20 PM 

Location: Skyway 272, Hyatt, East Tower, Blue Level

(organisers Nicolas Friederici, Mark Graham)


Suntje Schmidt – Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning
Janet Merkel – WZB
Cheryl Butler – Eastleigh Borough Council
Nick Clifton – Cardiff Metropolitan University
Tayo Akinyemi – AfriLab
(Chair) Brian J. Hracs – University of Southampton


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